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A handmade bespoke keepsake bear made from your special clothing. Whether school uniform, sports kit, bridesmaid outfit, nursing or army uniform to name a few. We can add different materials as ears, paws, piping and scarves, stitch a name tag behind the ear and add personalised embroidery in the form of names, dates or a special message. It is a wonderful way to recycle and keep your memories alive.

What you need to send us

For the Main body of a bear please send one of the following:

One blazer

One kilt or school dress (possibly two if small or there is a large pattern repeat)

One long sleeved sports top (maybe two if small size or large pattern)

One sweatshirt and one dress (or equivalent) for half and half bear

One sweatshirt (maybe two if small size) for sweatshirt bear

Any other part of the school / club uniform can be used as paws, ears, cuffs and or piping down the middle. We recommend a maximum of three items – the most common being:

Tie / hat ribbon

School skirt / trousers

Shirt / blouse

Any part of sport kit

A scarf completes the bear. We can make a teddy scarf from any part of the uniform. The most popular being:

Jumper / cardigan

Long school /sports socks (2 pairs for one scarf)

Any part of sports kit

An existing scarf

NB When you have completed your order pop your items in the post with a copy of your order information. We can also send you a readdressed mailing bag by contacting us on